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Writing for the new CD is going well…

Posted by on Aug 29, 2011

Writing for the new CD is going well…

Hey everyone,

Just thought I would give you a bit of an update. Writing is going extremely well. We have 10 songs written and just have to finish the 11th before we hit the studio to record everything. I’m really stoked about how the music is coming along.

It was a strange process. I had about 11 songs in various states that I wanted to present to the band. Then I woke up at 1am one morning with one of my famous Cluster Headaches. I struggled in bed for a few hours then got up at around 3am and went into the studio determined to fight the headache off. As I was sitting in the control room, I thought about how broken I felt. So, I went into the guitar closet and pulled out the 7-string. Out of all that pain came a dark, heavy tune aptly named Broken.

From there I got bit by the 7-string bug again and went on a 7-string writing tear. So we threw out about 5 of the tune fragments I had and wrote some fresh on the 7. Definitely a heavier vibe to the music now.

So when you hear the disc, I think it will be clear which tunes were written before Broken, and which ones were written after.

I hope yall dig what we are putting together.

More updates soon!


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